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Social innovation and citizen social science through participatory film – YouCount National Workshop in Budapest

The YouCount research team, active in Siklósbodony since 2021, presented their methodological findings at the conference titled “Visuality, Action, Participation – Visual Interventions and Participatory Research” on 20 October, 2023 at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest. The conference organisers invited artists, filmmakers, social researchers, and students from different universities in Hungary to provide an overview of the current field of visual social interventions within the social sciences.


YouCount team holds the first physical meeting in Copenhagen

ESSRG’s YouCount project has successfully arrived at the mid-period. Consortium members met in Copenhagen (Denmark) in June for the first time to move the project forward and share research results across the 10 case studies, including the two Hungarian cases.