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Towards future-proofing our local food system – the birth of the Fit4Food Budapest Community

The successful first event of the Fit4Food Budapest community brought together a wide range of actors who are committed to food system sustainability. 

Members of various organizations, from CSOs and NGOs through policymakers and researchers to the representatives of various parts of the food chain, have engaged in the collaborative process facilitated by the members of the Foodlab Studio.


During the co-design workshop, inspired by the participatory and dialogue based method of world cafe, stakeholders discussed the challenges present in the local food system, as well as, the existing opportunities for making our food system more sustainable and resilient.


This preparatory event was just the first step towards creating a transformative network of actors across Europe who are committed to working towards a more sustainable and resilient food system.

The below diagram shows the main phases and the basic roadmap for the first three years of the community.




It is still possible to join in all phases of the project and to actively shape the vision and aims of the Fit4Food Budapest Community!

As part of the first phase of the transformative process, we create space and opportunity for the community to come together in the form of a series of workshops:



Contact us if you would like to become part of the community and shape the future of European Food System Research and Innovation!


Photo Credit: Gyöngyvér Balog.


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