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Sparks: „Beyond the Lab: the DIY Science Revolution” – exhibition

Science and innovation are ours!

Science is done by scientists, right? Or is it? To invent something, you must be an inventor, naturally. Or do you?

These are exactly the things that Sparks and its travelling exhibition titled “Beyond the Lab” and its supporting events will question in Budapest between June 20 and August 16.

What is Sparks? Sparks is an awareness-raising project to show Europeans that they can get involved in science and innovation.

Therefore, Sparks will showcase inventions and methods through remarkable human stories, which were created in the inclusive spirit of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the rapidly transforming fields of healthcare and medicine.



Who are these revolutionaries?

The exhibition is organized around three core approaches, these are: health hacking, citizen science, and do-it-yourself biology.

We find Tim Omer among the health hackers, living with type-1 diabetes, who became frustrated that research and innovation are not delivering results fast enough, and not catering to his needs. Thus, he built his own artificial pancreas, glucose monitor, and transmitter and receiver, working together to send notifications to his phone when it’s time to inject insulin.


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Photo: Angela Moore


One of the representatives of citizen science is Doreen Walther, a scientist and a mosquito expert, working together with the country’s amateur mosquito catchers, mailing her thousands of mosquitoes every year from across Germany. By investigating their distribution, the mosquitoes carrying dangerous and infectious diseases can be mapped out.


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Photo: Angela Moore


A patron of DIY biologists, Pieter van Boheemen is working to make biology accessible to all in his community laboratory in Amsterdam. His do-it-yourself antibiotics project invites people from around the world to search for a solution to one of today’s biggest medical challenges: antibiotic resistance.


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Photo: Angela Moore


Besides these, you can get to know other stories and pieces of work at the exhibition as well!

Interactive programs

However, the exhibition will be supported by many interactive programs, such as science espressos and a reverse science café, where professional scientists, innovators and enthusiastic citizens could engage in dialogue over what science and innovation are about, who could do them, for whom, and representing whom.

The exhibition travels 29 European countries, and is brought to Budapest by ESSRG and Impact Hub, and will open its gates at June 20, while you are welcomed at the interactive workshops before that date. Save the dates!

Science is ours!



Impact Hub, HU-1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2.

The exhibition is open:

June 20 – August 16, 2017.

More info on our site and Impact Hub’s.


International websites of the project and events:

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