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Sparks at the 2017 ESEE conference

During the 2017 Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, the Sparks exhibition will open its gates to specific programs related to the event.

These are:

Guided visit for ESEE participants to the ‘Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution‘ exhibition

20th June, 15.00–16.00

Entitled ‘Beyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution’, the Sparks exhibition of everyday pioneers in science and innovation will open on the 20th of June. The exhibition will feature the stories of a growing number of ‘DIY scientists’ around the world who are busily hacking, experimenting, and inventing in the field of healthcare.  The exhibition focuses on three areas of DIY science: Citizen Science, Health Hacking, and DIY Biology. Additionally, it also features three innovative artworks created by artists situated on the border of art, science, and technology. Presented in English and Hungarian.

This event is open to each conference participant without any further registration. After the welcoming speeches, a guided tour and a reception will follow.



Science Espresso: Knowledge co-creation for local economic development

21st June, 13.00–14.00

György Pataki, Zoltán Bajmóczy, Tracey Wheatley, Györgyi Bela, Bálint Balázs

A critical short film about a 3-months long process with the aim to create a common vision for a local economic development strategy in Wekerle (in Budapest) will be presented and discussed during the espresso.



Semi-Plenary on Environmental Justice: “Environmental Justice: Research, Movement, Metanarrative”

22nd June, 10.30–12.00

Chair: György Málovics – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Research Centre, University of Szeged

During the semi-plenary participants gain a “developed” and a “developing” world perspective about environmental justice. Contributors outline the state of art of both EJ movements and research within Mexico and the US.


Andrew Szasz (Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz): Environmental Justice in the U.S.: Origins, Trends, Research, Social Movement

David Barkin (Profesor de Economía, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico): The Construction of Environmental Justice in Latin America: Communities, cosmologies, and collaboration.

During the semi-plenary, contributors outline their messages in 25 to 30 minutes, followed by 30 to 40 minutes discussion with the participation of the audience.



Night of Museums:

24th June, 16.00–21.00

During the Nights of Museums, the ‘Beyond the Lab’ exhibition will remain open late into the night. By welcoming the public during the night, we will invite them to visit the exhibition in a different, unusual, and more sensory way. Many animations, workshops, and a guided tour will await the audience.

The program:

16.30–20.00 TEDxConversations science filmclub

16.30–20.00 e-NABLE Workshop for children: Designing a robot hand (English and Hungarian)

17.00–18.00 Science Espresso: „Go and make it!  The DIY and the makers: new innovation approach” (Hungarian)

18.30–19.30 Science Espresso: Learning outcomes of citizen science (Hungarian)




Impact Hub, Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2., 1st floor on the left, a five-minute walk from the ESEE conference center.


More info about the exhibition:

Official website
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