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Novel agenda-setting on nature-inspired therapies

This semester we organize a series of Science Cafés cooperating with Care farm blog, aiming to initiate discussions about those therapeutic approaches which integrate the power of nature.

In Western and Northern Europe green care is an emerging topic, in Hungary this concept is nearly unknown though some health and social care providers have already been offering this kind of services. They are going to be our guests at the Science Café events.

22 January (Monday), 17:30, Mantra Café: We were focusing on animal assisted therapy. Our lecturer was Noémi Pieke, psychopedagogist, developer of connection-centred animal assisted therapy.

26 February (Monday), 17:30, Mantra Café: Our lecturer will be Hadassa Jakabos, clinical psychologist, inventor of the unique herding-therapy.

26 March (Monday), 17:30. Mantra Café: We are going to discuss about the role of nature in art and tale therapy with Márta Antalfai, developer of Katarzisz Complex Art Therapy and Treasure Hunting Tale Therapy and her colleague Fanni Szűcs Fatin.

At the end of April we are going to focus on wilderness therapy with the help of Timur Gábor Szabó, one of the experts of the Hungarian Experiental Learning Association.

In May we are exploring the effects of cave therapy with the assistance of professional cavers who have been holding cave therapy sessions to children with special needs for almost 20 years.

Our Science Café series is funded by the InSPIRES project.

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Thanks for coming to all participants!