Science Shop

In ESSRG, we aim at taking actions for solving grand environmental and social challenges while respecting planetary boundaries. We generate knowledge as the result of co-creating practices through meaningful involvement of stakeholders in each research problem formulation, data collection and interpretation. ESSRG as a Science Shop invites all the four sectors of the quadruple helix of innovation, that is science, policy, business and civil society in a transdisciplinary spirit to enter into a cooperative partnership for generating research ideas, questions and agendas.

Who is it for?


  • Harvest immediate feedback from society (non-scientists) about your research
  • Advance the research agenda with new questions or around new problem spaces
  • Co-create novel research questions with citizens


Policymakers, the public sector and municipalities

  • Cooperative and interdisciplinary research, training on citizen participation, action planning;
  • Co-developing policies to improve the public services, experience policy innovation with and for society;
  • Access top-notch policy tools & interfaces, share and learn best practice.



  • Co-create with peers in workshops: people from multiple backgrounds collaborate on the same level to develop solutions to tackle socio-ecological challenges;
  • Uncover social innovation opportunities by ideation;
  • Responsible research and innovation training, co-learn with and from the stakeholders, users.


Non-governmental and Civil Society Organizations

  • Share your lived experience and future dreams, gather community support for your issue, make citizens voices heard;
  • Become a social innovator: set new agenda for transitions towards sustainability; 
  • Induce research for transformative change: co-design citizen participation.



  • Take part in research activities for the benefit of local communities
  • Help researchers and citizens to formulate socially innovative solutions
  • Induce transformative change beyond the classroom setting


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