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Science Café on Animal-Assisted Therapy in February

Our Science Café series on nature-inspired therapeutic approaches is on the move: in February the second event took place where we focused on a special type of animal-assisted therapy.

Here you can find more information about the previous Science Café and our new research agenda-setting process:

Nature-inspired therapeutic approaches: Animal-Assisted Therapy

Nearly 40 people joined us for a discussion about therapeutic sheep herding. Hadassa Jakabos, clinical psychologist developed a unique way to involve wild, not too socialised farm animals into her therapeutic work based on her own personal experiences. She had been learning the practice of herding from a real herder for 5 years and she perceived that the action of herding could actuate specific emotional states. During her lecture she displayed some videos to the audience in order to explain how she works with her extraordinary method on her farm in Gödöllő.

The audience asked several questions about the process of herding-therapy, the conditions for participating in this kind of therapy, the professional acknowledgement of the method and the opportunities for impact evaluation.

A short video was made about the event:

Our Science Café series is funded by the InSPIRES project.