Kármen Czett

Karmen Czett is a social science researcher with 5+ years of experience and a strong interest in
ecological issues. She studied social science research at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where her
research focused on ecofeminism, knowledge production and human-nature relations. Before that
she did simultaneous undergraduate studies in business administration along with communication
and media science at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently she is a research fellow at
ESSRG, where she is involved in two EU-funded projects: BioAgora which aims to connect
biodiversity knowledge to the needs of policy-making; and Planet4B that is creating transdisciplinary
learning communities to assess how certain factors intersect and influence biodiversity-related
behaviour and decision-making. Before joining ESSRG, she spent years researching public opinion,
and during the Hungarian parliamentary elections she gained a unique insight into the political
climate of her country.