Barbara Mihók

Barbara Mihók, PhD is a senior research fellow. She is an ecologist and a mental health professional by training. She deeply believes that meaningful (re-)connection to our human and other-than-human fellows is the key to well-being, empowerment and development.

After the completion of her PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, she worked in inter- and transdisciplinary conservation and sustainability research at the Ecological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Economics Research Centre of the University of Szeged and various research CSOs.

Over time her interest turned towards nature and human mental well-being and became inspired by participatory and action research and inclusive science. In ESSRG she is involved in research on nature-health connection and in participatory citizen science projects with vulnerable groups. In addition to research she is a practicing mental health counsellor providing service for individuals and groups often following an eco-therapeutic approach.