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Educational profile

ESSRG educational competencies can be divided into four themes. They include: (I) methodology, (II) social theory, (III) postcolonial studies, and (IV) locality. More detailed:

(I) Methodology:

  • Environmental Communication: environmental informatics, media research, environmental journalism;
  • Environmental Decision-making: decision-support techniques, environmental valuation methods, participative research models;
  • Research Methodology: qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • Academic Skills: academic writing skills, presentation skills.

(II) Social Theory:

  • Cultural sociology: cultural studies, culture and environment;
  • Social Theories: critical realism, environmental sociology;
  • Organisation Theory;
  • Ecological Economics.

(III) Postcolonial Studies:

  • International Environmental Policy: global ecological problems (particularly biodiversity issues);
  • International political economy: North-South, environment és development.

(IV) Locality:

  • Social Research: historical anthropological methods, culture studies;
  • Environmental history;
  • Local Social Research: environmental conflict and risk;
  • Rural Sociology: sustainable rural development.